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Our managed IT services can handle it all – your office, remote employees, cloud, and security to meet your specific needs. while providing you with the highest level of customer service. We specialize in creating customized  solutions that can help you streamline your IT operations, allowing you to focus on achieving your business goals and objectives.

We Can Manage IT All


IT Consulting

Aligning your business needs with future goals is essential and technology enablement is a critical piece of the equation. TechAssist serves as your strategic IT advisor.

Server Support

TechAssist's certified IT experts manage and maintain all your premise and cloud servers from installation, configuration, active directory to patch management.

Network Support

Overall, network support is a critical aspect of ensuring that computer networks are reliable, efficient, and secure, and that users can access the resources they need to work effectively.

Cloud Computing

Managing and maintaining all cloud recourses and configuring, monitoring, and maintaining cloud-based infrastructure and addressing any issues that may arise.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Disaster recovery is an essential aspect of business continuity planning, helping organizations to minimize downtime and recover quickly from disruptions.

VOIP Phone Solutions

Overall, VoIP phone support plays a crucial role in ensuring that organizations can effectively communicate with customers, partners, and employees using modern, cost-effective communication technologies.

Email Support

Email support is a critical aspect of modern communication, as email remains one of the primary means of communication for businesses and individuals alike.


Being able to have stock for all of your business needs, from laptops and computers to printers , scanners and more. Tech Assist stays looking for the best prices and availablity.

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Quick Support

Ensuring that your inquries are handled and given a proper response every time!

24/7 Communication

Day or night, we are available to support you in even the most disastrous of times.

Local to your Area

Whether remote or in person, we have locals in your area for any on site needs.

Emergency Help

Even in the most Disasturous of times, we are available to help your business stay running.

Advance Technology

With advanced monitoring and alerts we know about any issues often times before you will.

Educated Team

We ensure that every team member is well educated and qualified to to the job!


"Self-managing our IT was doing more harm than good for us. Fortunately, TechAssist’s experts were able to step in and right the ship. They look after our IT while we focus on managing our small business.

Thanks again!"

-Brad Gordon
"IT problems were affecting our ability to deliver for our clients, which put us at a serious disadvantage. As soon as we began working with TechAssist, we have begun to see a very significant improvement. We’ve been able to meet our deadlines thanks to their support.."
-Julia Miles
“Time is money, and that’s why you shouldn’t be left on hold when you call for IT support. Whenever we’re experiencing technical issues, one call to our dedicated technician at TechAssist is enough to help us get back on track faster..”

-John Goodman

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At TechAssist, we intentionally distinguish ourselves by taking a unique approach. Our emphasis is not on maximizing billable hours or meeting a set quota.

Instead, we strive to provide you with the best possible outcomes by leveraging the top 5% of talent, resources, and perspectives worldwide. Our global mindset enables us to help you complete your work with greater efficiency, excellence, and cost-effectiveness.

Here is what you can expect when you switch to our Managed IT Services: